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Welcome to the Mold Help Approved Resources Directory; the most prestigious resource in the world for consumer approved resources in the indoor air quality industry. 

Our mission at the Mold Help Organization is to provide resources and solutions to combat the widely unethical, non-regulated and improperly managed fields of testing, remediation, education, prevention, and indoor air quality issues. We feel it our moral and humanistic responsibility to rigorously test, review and provide confirmation of the efficacy of products and services as an independent, non-biased resource.

As a leading health and information resource for 5 years, we have seen what issues most of our consumers face and where the most costly mistakes are often made.  The indoor air quality industry lacks any governmental regulation which is bringing many people into this realm that really do not belong.  The number one complaint that the Mold Help Organization receives are about unworthy inspection companies and unscrupulous remediation firms.  The consequences, in some cases, have been devastating.

In an effort to assist our consumers, Mold Help has decided to step up to the plate and by doing so, conducting diligent research to ensure quality and ethics in an industry that lacks sanctity.

In a recent survey we have estimated that over 78% of all remediation companies do an inadequate job.  This is due to many factors, including lack of education/training, common sense, denial, cutting corners (that last 5 to 10% are extremely crucial), and inadequate budgeting for a proper remediation job.  This is an alarming statistic when you consider all of the companies that have popped up over the last year in lieu of the hurricanes in the southern states.

Mold Help only accepts few candidates for our labor intensive evaluation process.  We thoroughly and independently investigate each company for many key aspects to assist you, the consumer, in making an informed and educated choice in deciding what products and services are the most suitable for your individual needs.  Our evaluation process is very comprehensive method in rating and assisting good companies to become better, with our panel of specialists who share our values in improving the profession.

We evaluate our resources on safety, education, special skills, procedure, value, effectiveness, and above all, overall all standards and ethics.  Beware of these so-called professionals that add insult to the industry. Most are inadequate, unskilled, inept, or may possibly own a remediation company involved with a conflict of interest. Very soon, if you fail to find a prospective resource on the new Mold Help Solution site is not worth thinking about.  Our certification process may not be fast and easy, but it is thorough.

We do everything possible to ensure ethical, cost-effective, and proactive solutions to indoor air quality issues.

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before using any of our Mold Help Approved Resources.

Mold Help approved resources are designed to help users better understand the remediation, testing, and products used in the remediation industry and products available for assistance for our consumers, and research and effectiveness, so they can make informed decisions. Individuals are urged to consult with these providers to answer their individual questions.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our approved resources with our evaluation process and the information provided on this Web Site. However, the Mold Help, Mold Help Solutions, and Mold Help Approved Resources makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding errors or omissions and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for loss, errors, or damage resulting from the use of information or resources contained within.