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According to a 2003 study from Mold Help?s European Research Alliance, removing the mold colonies will not rid the home of mycotoxins.  This is why so many people still feel sick after an improper remediation job is completed.

Abatement of mold colonies does not necessarily solve a mold problem, particularly Fusarium and Stachybotrys.  The reasons for this are actually quite simple; Fusarium and Stachybotrys produce a mycotoxin that detaches from the spore itself and thrives independently from it.

Stachybotrys and Fusarium produce a mycotoxin, called Trichothecene, which is responsible for health effects associated with those fungi.

This basically means that although many remediation companies try the best they can do, many are not up to par at removing all of the dead spores. It is important to know that destroying the spore or colony of spores will not rid the structure or contents of the structure of the diminutive toxins emitted from that particular spore, making it very difficult to live in that building again, without suffering from the health effects.  This can be worse when you are hypersensitized by that particular type of fungi, which is very common with long term exposure to such toxins.

If you have any remediation job done on any structure, always be sure that you have independent post-remediation/clearance mycotoxin testing and ensuring that there are no residual airborne mold spores in the house.

Mold Help Approved Inspection Companies are well versed on this subject and sensitive to those needs of our consumers.  Even in the United States, another preliminary study conducted in 2005 demonstrates this exact situation that was studied with Stachybotrys spores.

Any remediation company that just removes colonies from the structure or your personal effects is ineffectual and should be held accountable for any possible consequences. These current studies have serious repercussions, especially for the insurance industry, builders, remediation companies because claims they thought were closed may need to be reopened because of additional work that is required. MH also has four more studies that have been conducted on this subject which have not yet been published on the website.  Should you require a copy, please let us know and we will be happy to supply you with any or all of them.

This is especially important if you have any insurance claims when the insurance company has selected their own remediation company to conduct mold removal.  Mold Help receives numerous complaints of failed or botched jobs and inadequate work.  Before signing off any job, ensure the job was done adequately.

Although surveys have shown that most people do not want to live in a house that was once mold infested as the memories can be disturbing, many either sell the house or rent it out.  This is especially true when someone was made quite ill from the effects of the fungal exposure.  However, ensuring the mycotoxins are thoroughly removed from premises will create a healthier living environment for anyone involved.

Another important aspect of mold inspections; although it can take up to two weeks to receive viable sample results, as opposed to a few days for non-viables, the results are not nearly as conclusive.  In order to determine the species level of each genre of fungi, viable samples (not spore traps) should be taken in addition to non-viables.  Establishing the species level of a type of fungus assist greatly in ascertaining the health effects of the type of mold you may have been exposed to.  This additional cost is well worth the results, especially if definitive proof is needed for any reason whatsoever. A mold test kit from a store is not a Mold Help approved product; it is inaccurate and will generally not get you the information you are seeking.


Mold Help Approved Resources (remediation, inspection, consultants, etc.) are all apprised of this information and know that it with our standards, however, it is ultimately up to you, the consumer, to ensure that quality assurance is paramount.  Mold Help Approved Resources are the only independently approved, highly qualified, and most thoroughly investigated companies in the United States and Canada.

"If it is not Mold Help Approved, it is not approved "

Mold Help approved resources are designed to help users better understand the remediation, testing, and products used in the remediation industry and products available for assistance for our consumers, and research and effectiveness, so they can make informed decisions. Individuals are urged to consult with these providers to answer their individual questions.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our approved resources with our evaluation process and the information provided on this Web Site. However, the Mold Help, Mold Help Solutions, and Mold Help Approved Resources makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding errors or omissions and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for loss, errors, or damage resulting from the use of information or resources contained within.