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MH Code of Ethics for Remediation and Consulting Resources
The purpose of this is to establish the standards of professional and ethical conduct.  As a Mold Help Approved Professional, our approved resources must pledge to honor our MH consumers with the best service possible.  In order to do this, on behalf of their organization, they pledge to:
(1) undertake to perform only services for which they are qualified by license, education, training or experience in the specific technical fields involved;

(2) meet or exceed the minimum standards for mold assessment and remediation as set forth by industry standards;

(3) not participate in activities where a conflict of interest might arise, and disclose any known or potential conflicts of interest to any party affected or potentially affected by such conflicts;

(4) provide only necessary and desired services to a MH consumer and not sell unnecessary or unwanted products or services;

(5) to the extent required by law, keep confidential any personal information regarding a MH consumer (including medical conditions) obtained during the course of a mold-related activity; 

          (6) not misrepresent any professional qualifications or credentials;

(7) not provide to the MH consumer any information that is false, deceptive, or misleading;

 (8) cooperate with the MH consumer by promptly furnishing required documents or information and by promptly responding to requests for information. to provide the best MH consumer service, with full respect for my MH consumer in all aspects of the job.  This includes confidentiality and respect to third-party entities;

 (9) not work if impaired as a result of drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation or other conditions and not allow those under their supervision to work if known to be impaired;

(10) maintain knowledge and skills for continuing professional competence and participate in continuing education programs and activities;

(11) not make any false, misleading, or deceptive claims, or claims that are not readily subject to verification, in any advertising, announcement, presentation, or competitive bidding;

(12)  not make a representation that is designed to take advantage of the fears or emotions of the public or a MH consumer;

 (13) provide mold-related services at costs in keeping with industry standards;

(14)  to not minimize or overstate the level of contamination and what is needed to correct it, provide a true and correct scope of work to be performed and costs thereof, regardless of policy limits or other restrictions;

(15) to look for contamination, not look for ways of not finding it;

(16)  if conducting inspection, find all possible ways of determining moisture problems as thoroughly and non-invasively as possible.

(17)  to adhere to the most stringent published guidelines for assessment and remediation of mycotoxin-producing molds. (It is understood that these guidelines, which may become mandates and at that time the mandates need only be followed, will change from time to time and it is critical that you adhere to these new mandates and practice them to the highest standards);

(18) and utilize, if and when applicable, the services of an accredited laboratory or laboratory operating under a public university for sample analysis.

(19)  if a conflict arises, cooperate with Mold Help and the consumer in finding a reasonable resolution.

Mold Help approved resources are designed to help users better understand the remediation, testing, and products used in the remediation industry and products available for assistance for our consumers, and research and effectiveness, so they can make informed decisions. Individuals are urged to consult with these providers to answer their individual questions.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our approved resources with our evaluation process and the information provided on this Web Site. However, the Mold Help, Mold Help Solutions, and Mold Help Approved Resources makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding errors or omissions and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for loss, errors, or damage resulting from the use of information or resources contained within.