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Our program is moving too quickly to list each pre-approved professional.  Besides, pre-approved doesn't mean "APPROVED" and there is a big difference in that.

The Mold Help Organization has been contacted with a number of inquiries about our evaluation program.  The response has been an astounding success.  Because our values and standards are so rigid, we are carefully reviewing each inquiry and evaluating only those that we feel may have a chance of approving.  The entire investigation is a painstaking process that only the best (and those who are honest and ethical) generally apply for.

Because the cost is low, numerous applicants have come foreward.  Unfortunately, we only accept each one individually for our panel to review.  The small adminsitrative fee is only accepted if we choose to evaluate a company that the Mold Help Organization feels may pass.  Our initial investigation on each company is generally on point, and that is how we decide to conduct an actual evaluation.  Product testing requires an additional fee but still much lower than the "monster" labs out there who charge much higher fees and provide no results.

The Mold Help Organization consistantly provides honest, objective and the most superlative evaluations.  As a reward for good, ethical companies who provide services and products to consumers, we reward them by publishing an entire critique and/or recommendation on this website.  The Mold Help Organization accepts no "sponsors," advertisers or support from outside companies who can influence our non-biased screening process.  We only reward the best.

Soon, you will see the best companies on this website who the Mold Help Organization has determined a benefit to our consumers.  We charge no money to our consumers and accept no "membership dues" for this process.  It is a voluntary effort from numerous experts who share the Mold Help Promise of Quality Without Compromise.  Very soon, if you do not find a company who makes fabulous promises on the Mold Help Approved Directory, they are not approved by anyone.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Mold Help approved resources are designed to help users better understand the remediation, testing, and products used in the remediation industry and products available for assistance for our consumers, and research and effectiveness, so they can make informed decisions. Individuals are urged to consult with these providers to answer their individual questions.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our approved resources with our evaluation process and the information provided on this Web Site. However, the Mold Help, Mold Help Solutions, and Mold Help Approved Resources makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding errors or omissions and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for loss, errors, or damage resulting from the use of information or resources contained within.